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Sujata Day of "Insecure" on how to make your creative dream a reality (Mic)

This 13-year-old animal rights activist has a pretty solid plan to save the planet (Mic)

Aileen Suzara Is Flipping the Script About 'Unhealthy' Filipino Food (Bon Appetit's Healthyish)


Service pieces​​

How to get a client to pay you on time: A pandemic freelancer's guide (Mic)

It's rough out there for BIPOC entrepreneurs. Here are 8 ways to fund your business (Mic)

How to support Black and Asian American friends without exhausting them even more (Mic)

Your bank probably funds climate change. Here's how to save more sustainably (Mic)

Here's Why Slow Walkers Make Some People So Mad

(Men's Health)​

Is Cheap Makeup Bad for Your Skin? (VICE's Tonic)




Air Pollution Causes Epigenetic Changes That May Trigger Asthma (Discover, print)

The Female Pastors Making Space for Queer Christians to Express Their Faith (VICE Magazine's Borders Issue, print)

The BIPOC influencers teaching their communities how to make money moves (Mic)

Makeup for men wants to defy the gender binary — but does it really? (Mic)

A Psychiatrist Told Us Why Her Patient Killed Her Children (VICE's Tonic)​

Mining gene expression data for drug discovery (Chemical & Engineering News) 

Can synthetic horns and tusks offer hope against poaching? 

(​Chemical & Engineering News)

When You've Transitioned But Your Voice Hasn't Caught Up (VICE's Tonic)


The Test We Use to Detect Depression is Designed for White People (VICE's Tonic)

How Fear of Deportation Affects the Body (VICE's Tonic)​

It Sucks to Be Undocumented When You're An Average Student

(VICE News)

Personal essays

Before I Embraced My Brownness, I Tried to Lighten My Skin

(New York Magazine's The Cut)​

Lifting Heavy Weights Is My Favorite Way to Help Manage My Anxiety (SELF)

To All the Boys I've Loved Before is the Movie I Needed at 16 (InStyle)

When being the child of immigrants means being forever financially indebted (Mic)

For Asian women, this is what racist, sexist violence looks like (Mic)




Air pollution is deadly for Americans, particularly for communities of color (Mic)


Could red flag laws prevent mass shootings — and gun violence in general? Experts weigh in (Mic)

Protein-rich microalgae can grow at the high CO2 levels in industrial exhaust (Chemical & Engineering News) 

Cops Are Nearly 3 Times More Likely to Kill Black Americans Than White Americans (VICE's Tonic)​

Dolphins use signature whistles to call each other by 'name' (Los Angeles Times, print)

Fossils suggest T. rex was, indeed, king of the food chain (Los Angeles Times, print)


Gene sequencing of cholera bacterium from Haiti points to U.N. source (Los Angeles Times, print)



Press releases 

Advanced imaging technology reveals pulsed hormone release regulates gene transcription (National Cancer Institute's Center for Cancer Research)

Arresting Metastasis (National Cancer Institute's Center for Cancer Research)

Training the Immune System to Remember HIV (National Cancer Institute's Center for Cancer Research)

Moxe for Leukemia (National Cancer Institute's Center for Cancer Research)

Center for Cancer Research plays key role in first FDA-approved drug for treatment of Merkel cell carcinoma (National Cancer Institute's Center for Cancer Research)



Event coverage

DeepFake News-“AI-Synthesized Content”- Latest Challenge for News Content Pipeline and Providers (AI Trends)

Robots Need to Get Emotional to be More Trusted, say Expert Panelists (AI Trends)

Sarah Gray And Arupa Ganguly On Remembering The Human Lives Behind Biospecimen Donations (Bio-IT World)

Evolving Challenges And Directions In Data Commons: Updates From Bio-IT World West (Bio-IT World)​

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