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Copywriting and content writing

Customer communications​​

Abandoned cart email (Invoice2go)

Email encouraging Invoice2go users to continue their application to accept card payments

Cash flow widget in-app message (Invoice2go)

In-app message announcing the addition of a widget that lets Invoice2go users easily view a  summary of online payments received in the last 30 days​



January 2023 direct customer newsletter (BILL)

Newsletter highlighting BILL product updates, customer case studies, and more

January 2023 newsletter (Invoice2go)

Newsletter highlighting Invoice2go product updates and blog content. Converted 187 expired customers back to a paid account. 

July 2022 newsletter (Invoice2go)

Newsletter highlighting Invoice2go product updates and blog content. Converted 322 expired customers back to a paid account. ​​

Social media

BILLTips: Resync an object (graphic copy and caption)

Mini tutorial on how to recover deleted records in BILL


BILLTips: Pre-set user roles (graphic copy and caption)

Mini tutorial on how to limit access to account and transaction information in BILL

BILL rebrand (caption)

First in a series of social media posts announcing the BILL rebrand. These posts achieved a month's average of impressions in four days and double the  engagement rate of a typical month.

BILL SFJAZZ case study promo (caption) 

Post directing to BILL customer case study

Blog posts and brand journalism 

Small Business Spirit: Ife Durosinmi-Etti and Herconomy (Invoice2go)

Q&A with Invoice2go customer

Small Business Spirit: Liam Elliot and Beat N Trak (Invoice2go)

Q&A with Invoice2go customer

Invoice2go Artists: Q&A with Jonathan Chang (Invoice2go)

Q&A for Invoice2go's campaign to amplify freelance artists

How Luca Page built Radically Fit, an inclusive, community-based gym (Invoice2go)

Profile of entrepreneur Luca Page

How Dasha Kennedy built The Broke Black Girl to close the gender and racial wealth gap (Invoice2go)

Profile of financial activist and entrepreneur Dasha Kennedy

5 small businesses to celebrate this Disability Pride Month and beyond (Invoice2go)

Roundup of entrepreneurs with disabilities and the stories behind their businesses

Therapists break down the unique mental health challenges Black entrepreneurs might face–and how to cope (Invoice2go)

Insights and advice from therapists and a Grow by Invoice2go grant winner 

How to choose the right payment methods for your business (Invoice2go)

Heavy edit with deepened reporting and messaging about Invoice2go products

The ultimate Giving Tuesday checklist: 10 to-do items (BILL) 

Advice from BILL customers

10 tips to create a more inclusive workplace for women (BILL)

Advice from a BILL customer and a psychologist

Guardian Dentistry Partner Scales to 136 Practices With BILL (BILL)

BILL customer case study

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